Most Frequently Asked

Questions and Answers

General issues
When was the EdenLife Company incorporated?
EdenLife was incorporated on 20 July 2021 in New Zealand under the Companies Act 1993 (Certificate of Incorporation EDENLIFE7 LIMITED: 8209224, NZBN: 9429049494457).
What does EdenLife do?
Edenlife Company is engaged in the selection, cooperation and investment in promising startups, as well as provides services in the field of strategic planning, business process management, unlocking the potential of assets and increasing business efficiency. One of the areas in which we invest is the exchange and cashing of different types of cryptocurrencies in different countries of the world. We have developed innovative IT solutions that are based on modern methods of collecting and analyzing data and will help startups optimize management and reduce costs, see and realize new growth opportunities.
Is the EdenLife Company legal?
The EdenLife company has official business activities, official registration and the entire list of required documents is freely available. EDENLIFE is a legal entity registered in New Zealand under the name "EDENLIFE7 LIMITED '', with registration code 8209224, acting in accordance with the law and carrying out activities to organize investment attraction.
What does EdenLife Company offer to its users?
Edenlife is ready to join forces with other investors and partners who share our strategy of realizing investment attractive opportunities. We are ready to become an experienced mentor for attracted startups and a reliable partner for private investors who want to become a part of a new era with great potential. Before offering an investment project, we thoroughly research its potential, target audience, market situation. We approach startups in a purely pragmatic way: profit comes first. For us (as well as for you) the most important thing is not just to realize it, but to get income. The end result is important to us.
If you do not find an answer to a question or if you have other questions, where can you go?
In any difficult situation, the user can contact the Company's Support Service to obtain the necessary information by going to the Contacts section of the company's website.
Financial questions
What investment plan does EdenLife offer?
The company has developed two well-designed investment plans, from which each investor can choose a convenient option for him. Detailed information is available in the section FOR INVESTORS.
What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount is $ 500. The maximum amount is not limited.
How do I replenish my account?
In your personal account, you must select the preferred payment system from those presented in the list, indicate the amount and proceed to payment. You will be redirected to the site of the electronic payment system of your choice. Basically, the replenishment procedure is automated, immediately after confirmation of payment, you will be returned back to your account with the replenish amount on your account.
What payment systems does EdenLife work with?
Payment systems Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi, UMoney (ex. YandexMoney), investments in cryptocurrency are available for investment. You can also make a deposit using bank cards.
How long does it take to top up the balance?
In the process of replenishment using some electronic payment systems, it may take some time for your order to be verified by the electronic payment system. Then the replenishment of the balance for reasons beyond our control may take some time. As for the other electronic payment systems, replenishment is performed instantly.
How to open a deposit?
After replenishing your account, you can start opening a deposit. In this section, you need to select a payment system, enter the amount deposited earlier and open a deposit. No other action is required.
Is it possible to open several deposits at once?
The number of deposits is not limited.
What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50. The maximum withdrawal amount is not limited.
How long does it take to withdraw funds from the balance?
Regulations for the execution of an application for withdrawal of funds up to five working days after its submission.
Account and security
How to register on the EdenLife website?
To register, you need to go through a simple registration procedure and follow the step-by-step recommendations of the system.
Is it safe to use the EdenLife website?
The specialists of our company have developed and implemented a number of effective measures that make the use of the site completely safe, both from the point of view of the security of the transmitted data and from the point of view of protection against malware.
How many accounts can one person create?
A user can only register one account. If more than one active account is used, the Company has the right to block the user without warning.
Is it possible to conclude an agreement with the EdenLife Company?
The agreement is concluded at the request of the investor. After opening a deposit, it is necessary to fill in the "Investment Agreement" and send this data to the e-mail of the Support Service, attach a scanned copy of the passport or identity card containing the passport number \ ID, series, address and full name. After that, the "Investment Agreement" will be available for download.
Is the verification procedure for a personal account obligatory?
Verification is required only for the conclusion of the Investment Agreement.
How can I change the data that was provided during registration?
It is necessary to send a request to the Company's Support Service, indicating the reason for the change and new data for updating.
How can I recover or reset the password from my personal account?
In the investor's personal account, a password reset section is provided, where you need to specify the login and e-mail by which you registered on the site and click Next. Immediately after that, a confirmation code and a link will be sent to your email, which you need to follow, insert this code and confirm. After that, a second letter will be sent to the mail with a temporary password to enter the office. Log in and you are in your Personal Account.
Affiliate program
What does the EdenLife Company offer under the affiliate program?
Our affiliate program has a simple and straightforward structure and offers an individual development path with clear requirements for participation and with obvious benefits. Depending on the amount of investments you have attracted, the system automatically assigns you the appropriate level of partner reward accrual. The system takes into account the deposits of partners from the available levels, as well as the level of depth of the partner structure from the moment this level is opened, and bonuses from the deposits of your partners are automatically paid. The investor's personal contribution is not added to the structure's turnover.
What percentage of the profit can be obtained from attracting new investors?
More information about the affiliate program can be found in the Partners section on our website.
What is the correct way to register a partner so that it appears in the structure of the invitee?
To do this, a new client of the company must register his account on our website using the referral link of his inviter. All fields in the registration form are required, except for the inviter's code: it will be automatically highlighted if the registration took place through the partner's referral link.
What promotional materials are available for distribution by EdenLife partners?
We provide our partners with high-quality and beautifully made advertising materials for use in information and advertising promotion, which are available in the partner's personal account.